Teaching and Support Staff

SAFE is always on the lookout for inspiring and exceptional teachers and support staff. We believe that if you’re passionate about the subject you teach, able to adapt your teaching to each individual child and empathise with the challenges that our students face, you could be part of a team of staff that make a life-long difference to children in need.

SAFE is a school with a difference. We offer a safe and empathetic environment in which vulnerable children can gain the confidence to access group learning. Because most of our students have unfortunately been victims of bullying, our main objective is to spark off the passion for learning once again, leaving the fear and insecurities of learning in the past and enabling them to flourish academically, spiritually and physically.

Our teaching methods and environment in which we teach reflect the SPELL framework constructed by the National Autistic Society. The framework, which stands for Structure, Positive Expectations and Attitudes, Empathy, Low Arousal and Links, encourages an environment where children are at ease, understood by others and are open to a variation of life opportunities. Full training of the SPELL framework is conducted within the induction process whenever we introduce a new member of staff to our setting.

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