Our Fees

A full-time place at Social Arts for Education costs £6334 per term, excluding Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club, for a child with a basic level of need. Further costs will apply for children who require specialist therapies, for example Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Therapy, in addition to their regular curriculum. Children are able to attend SAFE on a part-time basis (minimum of 4 sessions per week, with a session either being one morning or one afternoon), and fees are charged pro rata.

Some families may be able to apply for a bursary. Bursaries are available at two different levels.

Level 1: Standard bursary, 37.5% of fees

Level 2: Families in Urgent Need bursary, 37.6% - 100% of fees, dependent on level of need.

The award of a bursary is solely at the discretion of Social Arts for Education management. Bursaries are awarded on the condition that a child's attendance does not fall below 90% and other conditions. Details of how bursaries are awarded are available on our Bursaries Policy.