Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At SAFE we understand that pupils with disabilities, in general, remain vulnerable in society.  Our pupil profile is likely to have social and communication difficulties which often prevent pupils’ understanding of the world and people around them. In order to help pupils achieve and be the best that they can be, our curriculum must be holistic and help pupils develop academically, communicatively, physically, socially and emotionally in equal amounts.

Pupils are often referred to us at points where their confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm are low and social anxiety is high. We believe once these barriers to accessing education are broken, then learning can begin. 

In order to do this we must:

  • Provide a calm and quiet centre where pupils feel safe from bullying and harassment.
  • Foster socially supportive environments, which enable mistakes to be made in a safe environment where education is used to correct, rather than punishment or humiliation.
  • Give regular and well-led learning opportunities for academic, communicative, physical, social and emotional development in equal measure.
  • Provide a curriculum that is accessible to all and will serve each pupil holistically, enabling them to continue to study, work and live later in life with as much independence, confidence and contentment as possible.

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the Independent Schools' Standards, and enables all pupils to experience all required subject areas (Linguistic Mathematical, Scientific, Technological, Human and Social, Physical and Aesthetic and Creative). 

Through a mixture of engaging, small-group learning and therapeutic sessions we ensure that children can heal, learn, and build happy memories. We aim to provide bespoke, individualised education within a well-rounded and balanced curriculum, focusing on the individual needs and talents of each child, in order that each person who comes to us can be nurtured to their full potential.

Our Curriculum Policy can be found here on the main policies page of our website.

For more detail on the subjects we teach and how we deliver them, take a look at the links to the left.

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