Step 1: Visit

After a suitability form has been received, the child, along with their parent or carer, will visit SAFE either when the premises is in operation or when is free of other students and teachers (depending on the child). Admissions staff will identify in further detail if SAFE is able to meet the child’s needs.

Step 2: Admin Fee

A non-refundable admin fee of £150 is to be paid to secure your child a place. We strongly recommend that you read through the handbook you are given before you pay the admin fee to judge suitability.


Step 3: Documents and Character References

From the date we receive the admin fee, parents/carers have two weeks to produce various documents for ID purposes and suitability checks. You must tell us if your child is registered at another school or is home educated.


Step 4: Outreach

Depending on the child, SAFE will offer outreach sessions to visit the child at their house or at a neutral place (for example, a library) to start to build a relationship of trust and prepare the child for taster days at SAFE. This step may be bypassed if we are confident it is not needed (for example, we know the child).


Step 5: Taster Sessions

Taster sessions can begin only after the first four steps have been fulfilled. Taster sessions will usually consist of three sessions and will help SAFE identify in more detail the new student’s needs. It is at this stage where concerns are reported to parents/carers or referrers and discussions of what SAFE can or cannot offer the child are had. SAFE reserves the right to discontinue the admissions process at this point if they feel they are not a suitable provision and not offer a placement.


Step 6: Transitional Term

A transition plan will be made shortly after (or throughout) the taster sessions are complete and if funding is secured (via the child’s local authority or privately), a place will be offered to the child. 


Please see our Admissions Policy as well as other important policies for further details.