SAFE was picked by the Royal Horticultural Society and NASA to receive seeds from on board the Internation Space Station in order to carry out a vital investigation about the affects of reduced gravity on seeds.

The seeds, which boarded the International Space Station for six months, have made their way back down to Earth with Commander Scott Kelly and have now arrived in the UK for distribution to hundreds of schools and educational provisions nationwide (the seeds have also been circulated to schools all over the world). SAFE will be planting the seeds under strict conditions and monitoring their growth to see if there is any diffrence between 'space' seeds and regular ones.

It is an understatement to say that students and staff at SAFE are excited about the prospect of being involved in such a huge and important experiment, and to demostrate our enthusiasm, we have created our own blog for all to follow. We would greatly appreciate friends and families' comments throughout the duration of the investigation so please follow the link below and tell us what you think (hypothesises are welcomed!).

For more information about the investigation visit