MINECLUB – Inclusive Holiday Play Scheme this Half Term

//MINECLUB – Inclusive Holiday Play Scheme this Half Term

MINECLUB – Inclusive Holiday Play Scheme this Half Term

Be there or be square!

MINECLUB is a holiday play scheme that welcomes children from 8years + to come and play Minecraft (https://minecraft.net/en-us/ for those who have been hiding under a pixelated rock all this time) on a private server (to you and me, that's our own private 'world', run by our staff just for the group players).  The club, specifically planned to help the development of social skills and cooperative play, has been going from strength to strength ever since leaders, John House and Ant Francis, first set it up in a school in Clapham.

For seriously hardcore Minecraft fans only, the play scheme has helped children with communication differences learn a variety of social skills which include; turn taking; tolerance of others' actions; consideration of others' feelings and constructions and anger management. All hidden under the disguise of video gaming.

Starting at 10am the group start the day by playing various 'survival' games - a world in which the player collects resources to build to stay alive - in a mock world where passive and hostile mobs (groups of animals and zombies) spawn throughout the day and night. Once the group's world has been created (along with rules and codes; a prison was once created by the group which included jail terms and conditions, for fellow saboteurs causing havoc) the group take a break for lunch and some fresh air. They then begin to cooperatively work together to win prizes and gain resources that will benefit them individually as players but also as a community. By 4pm, the club has been wrapped up and various tales (and screenshots) of games such as Race the Wool,  Hunger Games and Dropper have been shared.

At £35 per player per day, MINECLUB serves as a competitively priced child-care alternative that not only ticks the boxes of gaming-mad tweens but also demonstrates the powers of gaming that can help develop the understanding of being socially conscious and the positive results that one can get from being so.

To buy your day pass, please visit https://safeschoolbexley.co.uk/shop

To obtain social stories for the day or for any other access arrangements, please contact us at info@safeschoolbexley.co.uk

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